Mr Mark Felton










Expertise in diagnosis and treatment of ENT conditions

All consultations and treatments take place with Mr Felton personally. He will perform all procedures and you will see him at any follow up consultations. A comprehensive range of ENT services is offered. This includes but is not limited to:

General ENT for adults and children


Perforated eardrum

Ear infections, ear wax and hearing problems

Voice disorders

Middle ear and mastoid disorders

Nasal obstruction and sinus disease

He offers medical and surgical treatment options.

Comprehensive healthcare

Mr Felton has particular interest in diagnosis and treatment of ENT conditions in children, including:

Tongue tie

Tonsillitis and tonsillectomy (including coblation tonsillectomy)

Adenoid disease and snoring/sleep apnoea

Recurrent nosebleeds

'Glue ear', recurrent ear infections and grommet insertion

Prominent ear correction

He offers airway examination and intervention for paediatric airway diseases.









Fellowship-trained otolaryngologist Mr Mark Felton offers comprehensive private ENT treatments at 69 Harley Street, London W1G 8QW, Telephone: 0121 510 2271 and Evelina London Children's Hospital, Westminster Bridge Road, SE1 7EH, Telephone: 0207 188 9687.

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